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This is my Exodus: Faith in the Wilderness

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This is my Exodus ~ Faith in the Wilderness inviting us to do an Internal Search of our Mind, Body, and Soul, will not only help us but allow us to know that God’s presence is always with us. Reverend Davis takes us through a full circle of what a wilderness journey of experiences can be. She shares what it means to trust God in all situations no matter what our wilderness experiences look like, and the importance of having:

• Faith

• Hope

• Trust

While in our wilderness experience.

Reverend Davis states it is in her wilderness where she experiences the changes in her prayer life. She draws closer to God more each day. Reverend Davis thanks God for the many gifts He blessed her with, one is the gift of Faith, in which she walks and lives by daily. Through this journey of Faith in the Wilderness, Reverend Davis brings her ministry unveiled and revealed in guiding others to develop their faith and the levels of what it means to trust God.

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