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Who I Am?

Reverend Joan L. Davis continues to thank her Heavenly Father who inspired and entrusted in guiding her with the knowledge.

Reverend Davis books comes from a place within her own life’s journey. A journey that she could not have done without the Father’s guiding and leading her.

In each of her books, there is a story that being told, with a message of hope. A message of hope, that no matter where you as an individual is at, you will be reminded of the love and comfort of Our Heavenly Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

If you are looking for a book with real life journey mirroring your own journey, you will find a story in one of Reverend Davis books that will help you through your own journey.


Rev Davis Loves God, Loves Studying His Word. She Says, “Studying God’s Word Is Such A Refreshing Feeling, I Am Drawn Closer To Him More Each Day”. Her Prayer Life Has Changed, As A Prayer Warrior And Intercessory, She Intercedes For Her Family And For The People Of God. Rev Davis Thank God For The Many Gifts He Blessed Her With, One Is The Gift Of Faith, She Walked And Lived By Faith.

What other readers say who have read one of Reverend Davis books

Surrendering to the Voice of God, is a powerful, motivational, and spiritual, masterpiece! This book definitely needs to a part of your devotional journaling experience. When I started to read it, I didn’t want to release it, because I truly felt the spirit of God feeding me continuously as I advanced through the pages. The messages reveal to be patient, obedient, still, and listen. The author weaves through explosive testimonies as she comes through the storms of life. She shows strength and courage, as she delivers an amazing piece literature that will prayerfully touch your heart and soul as it did mine. Please obtain this book, so that you too, may experience your own journey, and adhere to the voice of God!

L.C. Williams

Surrendering to the Voice of God is truly a book everyone can get something from. It’s an easy read and written in such a way that is very understandable. The book consistently explains the importance of being able to hear from God. You find many examples of things to do to help you learn how to hear from God and its simple daily things that don’t require much except commitment. It makes it clear that when you don’t make time to connect to God, it takes you on another path away from God with consequences that can be costly not only for you but others. This book reassures you that you have more to gain than lose by simply surrendering to God. I also love that it has a combination of scriptures, prayers, mediations, and reflections for those who may not know where to start or how, it’s very helpful and thought provoking. This book makes you do a self-check to see are you really hearing and totally surrendering to the voice of God.

People will not be disappointed if they purchase the book, and they will truly get their money’s worth and then some.

M. U. Hall

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