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Reverend Nobody

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Throughout the Bible, we have learned of many women and their stories being told without being identified by a given name. They were only referred to as “No Name” women. Women such as “the Canaanite Woman,” “The Woman at the Well,” “The Shunammite Woman,” and “The Woman with the Bleeding.” Although they have done great work in which The Father received His glory, the works of these women were not noticed until The Father acknowledged their works and their faithfulness.

Reverend Nobody’s story is quite similar to these women in the Bible. Reverend Nobody has never been seen as the person The Father created her to be. She was cast out simply because she did not fit the mold, she did not wear the clothes and she did not have the name that others hold onto to deem themselves worthy.

Reverend Nobody on her journey saw what it meant to have The Father’s protection.

• The Shield of God

• The Armor of God

• The Cross of God

Reverend Nobody will show us what it means to trust The Father when others do not see your worth. It will show us what it means to rely on His Word when everyone around you is essentially saying His Word and His calling on your life is wrong. Reverend Nobody will help you to know that The Father will shield and armor you from the known and unknown. Like those women in the Bible with “No Names,” Reverend Nobody knows the meaning of the Cross and what it looks like to have the Cross of protection.

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